Is Open Data Dead?

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Polash Datta

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Private Sector


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Is Open Data Dead?



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Official host Kathmandu, Nepal

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Issue 01: What is the state of open data accessibility in South Asia? Issue 02: Why do we need to make open data readily accessible? Issue 03: How could we use open data for peoples' good?

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In this era of 4th industrial revolution data accessibility should be considered as a human right. Data was never not meant to die in PDF files on websites. Unfortunately that is the thing happening in the third world countries. Although data is being open in these countries they are left dead and useless because of the lack of accessibility. Dataful is working to make Bangladeshi open data accessible to all. We are curating, cleaning and gathering hundreds of Bangladeshi open time series data in one place with accessible-right-now approach. We are enabling people to discover, research and explore open data with a single click in a calm visual form. The session will be about why and how we need to make open data accessible for people, and what could be the impact of this accessibility on peoples’ life.

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#Opendata #DataRights #OD4SDG


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Speaker 1 Polash Datta Founder Dataful Bangladesh Private Sector Male Confirmed


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Polash Datta has been a journalist since 2001. After starting data journalism in 2014 in Bangladesh, he found that although there is a lot of open data in his country they are not readily accessible. This realisation lead him to the founding of Bangladesh's first open data based start up Dataful that is working on making open data accessible to all. He has led the team at Dataful in developing a number of interactive data based visual on election results, air quality, English medium school in Bangladesh etc. He has also initiateddat a journalism training for journalists and journalism students in Dhaka, Bangladesh.