Transformation of the library : The Use of ICT and The Internet Is The Primary Means to Increase Access To Information For The Library User Community

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Transformation of the library : The Use of ICT and The Internet Is The Primary Means to Increase Access To Information For The Library User Community



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I want to explain about one of the programs in the national library. Library Transformation Based on Social Inclusion is one of the Indonesian National Library flagship programs to improve community welfare through library empowerment. This program is the First National Priority Program in the library sector and has been running since 2019. It seeks to revitalize public libraries' functions based on social inclusion. The program's tagline is "Literacy For Welfare," which means creating a prosperous society from an economic, social, and educational perspective by empowering public libraries in their environment. This program is expected to strengthen public libraries' role in improving the quality of Indonesia's human resources by increasing literacy skills, which will help increase community creativity and reduce poverty in access to information. The concept of this program is that of a public library that embraces differences, is participatory, openly friendly; practices equality, removes barriers, provides a comfortable setting, and respects each other.

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In the transformation of the library, the use of ICT and the internet is the primary means to increase access to information for the library user community. In the file that I sent earlier, I also conveyed some of the impacts on the community from the use of ICT and internet facilities in the library. I try to convey a big picture of the program we are doing so that the audience can understand the context. It is hoped that we will explore the benefits of using ICT and the internet for library users and how it can change their lives.

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