Co-producing cyber resilience in Asia and the Pacific

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Debora Irene Christine

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United Nations University - Institute in Macau





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Co-producing cyber resilience in Asia and the Pacific


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Fireside Chat

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Cyber resilience effort and strategy have traditionally been considered from the position of enabling governments and businesses to deliver the intended outcomes despite disruptions to information and communication systems. There has also been a general focus on the security and resilience of critical infrastructures and vital sectors. However, cyber resilience is an attribute of the whole system. It should be considered from the perspective of the interdependent and interconnected cyber ecosystem – across sectors and stakeholder groups. The motivation for the ownership of the cyber resilience goal has traditionally been minimal for civilians and civil society organizations. However, these civil society stakeholders are a key stakeholder in the cyber ecosystem due to several reasons: while facing the same persistent cyber threats experienced by states and private entities, they are equipped with far fewer resources to defend themselves; they suffer an immense loss due to adverse cyber events; and they have an essential role in the co-production of societal cyber resilience at the community, national, and global levels. Co-production of cyber resilience entails the participation and active contribution of a broad set of stakeholders towards cyber resilience. This session would investigate the opportunities and challenges for co-producing cyber resilience in Asia-Pacific.

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The proposed session aims to explore the opportunities and challenges for co-producing cyber resilience, particularly at the community, national, and regional levels. While civil society organizations’ role in the co-production of cyber resilience has largely been recognized from the perspective of implementing capacity-building programs for civilians, they have contributed beyond that. Coproducing cyber resilience at the community and national levels is a path towards an inclusive, sustainable, and trusted Internet where every stakeholder group has equal access to cybersecurity resources and support ecosystem to keep themselves safe and secure amid adverse cyber events and therefore contributes to the security and resilience of the overall cyber system, and where they each have access to inform research, policy, and practice which affect their cyber resilience. The APrIGF is the best space to generate perspectives from different stakeholder groups about the aforesaid issue, based on their practical experience of contributing to the coproduction of cyber resilience at their own capacity.

Methodology / Agenda

This Fireside Chat is planned to adopt the following structure: 1) Sharing of research findings from UNU Institute in Macau regarding existing strategic-level enablement of cyber resilience co-production in Asia-Pacific countries and existing cybersecurity support ecosystem in the region. 2) Speakers will look at both policy/regulation and practice to explore the specific challenges and opportunities for the co-production of cyber resilience in the region. 3) Outlining the possible ways forward, including recommendations for different stakeholders – governmental, private sector, civil society organizations, and international organizations.

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#CyberResilience, #CyberSecurity, #CivilSociety


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Name Designation Organization Economy of Residence Stakeholder Group Gender Status of Confirmation
Moderator (Primary) Debora Irene Christine Ms. United Nations University - Institute in Macau Indonesia Academia Female Confirmed
Moderator (Back-up)
Speaker 1 Mamello Thinyane Dr. United Nations University - Institute in Macau Lesotho Academia Male Confirmed
Speaker 2 Damar Juniarto Ms. SAFEnet Indonesia Civil Society Male Proposed
Speaker 3 Koichiro Komiyama Dr. JPCERT\/CC Japan Technical Community Male Proposed


Please explain the rationale for choosing each of the above contributors to the session.

The contributors represent different groups of civil society stakeholders and are identified on the basis of their expertise and actual engagement on the issue of civil society stakeholders' contribution to the coproduction of cyber resilience.