Content Moderation in APAC: Workshopping Legal Trends & Implementation

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Jean-Jacques Sahel

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Senior Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy



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Private Sector


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Content Moderation in APAC: Workshopping Legal Trends & Implementation


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APAC is witnessing a rising number of laws regulating online content. This increase is driven by a trend toward governments exerting greater control over online activity within their jurisdictions. Many of these laws loosely define illegal content, are accompanied by requirements for ever-quicker content takedowns, and impose harsh penalties for non-compliance. All are raising difficult questions for civil society advocates, academics, and tech companies alike. In this session, experts from Google will highlight trends in content regulation laws and legal takedown requests across APAC, share their experiences with implementation, and examine the real world impacts and risks of the new wave of laws dealing with online content. The session will use real world case studies to give participants the chance to compare and contrast the extent and impact of different laws regulating online content in the region, and will walk participants through a number of the difficult questions raised by content moderation and legal requests for removals within the region. The session aims to facilitate information-sharing on the best approaches to handling these new content regulations in APAC.

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Laws regulating online content hold the potential to exert a significant impact on user trust, access to information and freedom of expression, in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. In practice, these laws can often shift the responsibility for determining the legality of content and ensuring due process on to tech companies, and create a significant risk of over-removal and censorship. This session will contribute to advancing policy discussions around best practice for responsible content moderation, and will aim to foster a dialogue among all stakeholders to consider and discuss the different considerations that online content providers must balance when making decisions on online content in APAC. It will promote multi-stakeholder models for supporting content responsibility and free expression online by bringing together a group of passionate experts in online content moderation and will invite the APrIGF community to solve real world content regulation problems and devise their own methodology for reaching decisions.

Methodology / Agenda

The session will be first composed of a showcase of content regulation trends in the region by Googlers working to monitor and implement the new wave of regulations, while ensuring the respect of users’ rights. It will then invite the APrIGF community to participate in “breakout rooms” to workshop real world content regulation problems and devise their own approaches for reaching decisions. Participants will then present their decisions and rationale for those decisions to the session as a whole, with the hope of sharing recommendations for follow-up and an ongoing multi-stakeholder dialogue on these issues after the AprIGF.

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#FreedomofExpression, #Contentregulation, #Contentmoderation


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Name Designation Organization Economy of Residence Stakeholder Group Gender Status of Confirmation
Moderator (Primary) Jean-Jacques Sahel Google Singapore Private Sector M Confirmed
Moderator (Back-up)
Speaker 1 Punkhuri Chawla Google Private Sector F Confirmed
Speaker 2 Kieran Maynard Google Private Sector M Confirmed
Speaker 3 Amy MacKinnon Google Private Sector F Confirmed


Please explain the rationale for choosing each of the above contributors to the session.

Jean-Jacques Sahel is a member of Google's Public Policy Team focusing on content issues in APAC Punkhuri, Amy and Kieran are members of Google Trust & Safety team focusing on content regulation in APAC.