Is the internet trusted forever? --- The issue about the pirate site on “Manga” and freedom of expression in Japan.

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Is the internet trusted forever? --- The issue about the pirate site on “Manga” and freedom of expression in Japan.



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In 2018, we had a big argument about “MANGA-MURA”, piracy site, because the Japanese government would make a request to the ISPs to block the piracy sites. So the many stakeholders made statements against this request. Under the Japanese constitution, “Freedom of Expression” and “ secrecy of communication” are protected form the Power. Then it is very hard to break it. Then why this matter had occurred, which would crumble the democracy at its foundation in Japan? Recently we heard that in some countries, the judicial authorities accept the brand-new way of blocking, “Dynamic blocking”, for example, Sweden, India, Australia and so on. In Japan, “MANGA-MURA” was closed by itself and the criminal person was arrested, then the confrontation has been calmed. But now-a-days the new piracy sites on Manga come into being, then this argument will be reactivated. We will make a presentation from background and the opinions and basis, regardless of their positions. As well as the legal logic on “Freedom of Expression” and “the secrecy of communication” under the Japanese constitution and comparing with other countries. Also we would like to exchange the information about these matters with other countries.

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This session will be a helpful and useful session not only for the internet community but the Intellectual Property holders and other stakeholders in many countries. However to crack down on illegal activities like piracy on the internet is not easy due to the difference of the law, but the only trial to change the information about the crime among the related countries has the restraining effect to this type of crime. We will provide you APrIGF attendees about the information and might make a good place to discuss and exchange.

Methodology / Agenda

Moderator : Explanation about background 5 min Prof.Shishido : The logic to support the democracy in Japan comparing with other countries. 20 min Mr. Mori : The problem the Government request to the ISP and the report from the cabinet. 15 min Ms. Ogawa : Examples in other countries. 5 min Ms. Tanaka : The point of view from the Journalist. 5 min

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#FreedomOfExpression #Piracy #HumanRights


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Name Designation Organization Economy of Residence Stakeholder Group Gender Status of Confirmation
Moderator (Primary) Toshiaki Tateishi Vice Chair & Executive Director Japan Internet Providers Association Japan Private Sector Male Confirmed
Moderator (Back-up) Takashi Kimura Secretary General Japan Internet Providers Association Japan Private Sector Male Confirmed
Speaker 1 Ryoji Mori Lawyer Lawyer Japan Civil Society Male Confirmed
Speaker 2 Keiko Tanaka Journalist Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for informatics Japan Civil Society Female Confirmed
Speaker 3 Kuniko Ogawa Manager Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Japan Government Femail Confirmed
Speaker 4 Johji Shishido Professor The University of Tokyo Japan Academia Male Confirmed


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Prof. Shishido is a authority of Japanese Constitution as a professor of the University of Tokyo. He also has a deep knowledge about the internet.(Member of the Cabinet) Mr. Mori is always involved in the Governmental Issue on the net and is a top expert in Japan. (Member of the Cabinet) Ms. Ogawa is a government officer in Minstry of internal affairs and communications. She will report the policy and activities of the Japanese government. Ms. Tanaka is the journalist and has covering the illegal activities and others. Then translate their reports and publish them in English.