Protecting Peoples' Online Privacy through Multi-Stakeholder Action in Asia

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kathleen azali

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Digital Rights Program Manager



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Civil Society


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Protecting Peoples' Online Privacy through Multi-Stakeholder Action in Asia



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Virtual / online

Specific Issues for Discussion

People in the Asia have been exposed to more issues related to online privacy due to the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, as people spend more time online during their increasingly overlapping work and personal hours. Yet in most countries in the region, policies emphasizing the importance of protecting people's privacy in the digital space have barely been implemented well -- if they exist. In many cases, the governments have responded to the public health and economic crisis by intensifying top-down control and surveillance that further alienates those already at the margin Given this, the session aims to provide an outlet for participants to discuss and co-create ways to highlight the importance of protecting online privacy in their respective jurisdictions, by involving speakers that have had experiences in building multi-stakeholder actions in some countries in Asia -- specifically Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines --to discuss the challenges, needs, and opportunities.

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Part of the trust-building aspect on the internet would be to give due importance on people's privacy online, may it be through exacting responsibility for those who violate people's privacy in the digital space, or through ensuring that proper policies and measures are in place to protect such rights in the digital space. Also, highlighting multi-stakeholder action on the session topic connects back to the theme's aspect of highlighting inclusivity on the internet -- something that can also refer back to the trust-building process of ensuring the Internet is a safe space for all.

Methodology / Agenda

Two-thirds of the time allotment will be dedicated to the sharing of current online privacy issues in different countries and discussion on how to foster multi-stakeholder action to address these issues (if there is enough participants, we will do a breakout group format). The remaining one-third will be on insights sharing and establishing action steps that the attendees can co-create and explore after the session.

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#OnlinePrivacy #DataPrivacy #MultiStakeholderAction


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Name Designation Organization Economy of Residence Stakeholder Group Gender Status of Confirmation
Moderator (Primary) Vino Lucero Project and Communications Coordinator EngageMedia Philippines Civil Society genderfluid Confirmed
Moderator (Back-up) Wahyudi Djafar Executive Director Elsam Indonesia Civil Society male Proposed
Speaker 1 Nethmini Medawala Head of Programmes Hashtag Generation Sri Lanka Youth \/ Students female Proposed
Speaker 2 Sokunthea Chann Head of Operations Cambodian Center for Independent Media Cambodia Press \/ Media female Proposed
Speaker 3 Sarah Torres Head of Operations Out of the Box Philippines Civil Society female Proposed
Speaker 4 Ahmed Swapan Executive Director VOICEBangladesh Bangladesh Civil Society male Proposed


Please explain the rationale for choosing each of the above contributors to the session.

The speakers work on Internet freedom issues in their respective countries, including on the current online privacy issues at the national and sub-national levels.